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Energy efficient and durable window options

Technology has helped the window industry take some huge strides in the past 10 years. With a better understanding of energy efficiency, newer production techniques, and superior designs, windows are more efficient, durable, and available in more styles than ever before.


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There is a lot to consider

Beyond a window's energy efficiency, you need to consider durability, and application. Many factors play a role, such as single strength double strength, and plate glass. As well, treatments, like annealing, heat-strengthening, and tempered glass have an impact.

A wide variety of window solutions

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• Vinyl

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• Impact Windows

The most common glass thicknesses are:

• Single-strength glass (SSB) is a single pane of glass that is 3/32” thick. Most window and door manufacturers have moved away from using this glass thickness in their products, though some manufacturers continue to use it in their lines.


• Double-strength glass (DSB) is a single pane of glass that is 1/8” thick. This glass thickness is the minimum available in PGT products.


• Plate Glass is a single pane of glass that is 3/16” thick. This thicker glass is an available option for most PGT windows and is standard in the majority of PGT doors.



Primary Uses: Single-family residential, Multi-family residential